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The radio control Laser has sold over 3000 boats world wide and is a fast expanding "strict one design" class as well as being the second largest registered fleet in the UK.

This popular model is a 1/4 scale model of the single handed Olympic class boat that Ben Ainsley won gold in at Sydney 2000.

It is my hope to create a fleet of these boats sailing and racing at Whitlingham in 2002.

It is available to purchase almost ready to sail, complete with radio, and is very competitively priced.

Furthermore its strict "one design" makes for close competitive racing and three suits of sails means it can be sailed in all wind strengths.

If you are interested in a trial sail or purchasing a boat and racing in Norwich please contact Kevin, who has demo boats to try and new boats available to purchase.

For further details why not visit the UK Laser owners association web site at
to whom we acknowledge their help in allowing us to use the photographs on this page taken from their web site.


Kevin Appleton - Secretary NMYC - LASER #95